How Wells Fargo responds in today's cyber security environment

How Wells Fargo responds in today's cyber security environment

At Wells Fargo, we work hand in hand with our clients to address and combat the growing problem of cyber security threats. Since the scope of these threats has changed over time, the safeguards used to protect against them must evolve as well. As cyber criminals are employing more sophisticated methods to gain access to private information, we are tasked with protecting your information so you can safely and securely conduct your routine financial business without the fear of data breach. Wells Fargo continues to explore and implement emerging technologies as a means to effectively disable those who put you at risk.

2016 Cyber Security Summit

Wells Fargo Government & Institutional Banking (GIB), University of South Carolina (USC), the State Treasurer's office, and Palo Alto Networks sponsored a cyber security summit focused on information security, ransomware and its impending threats. The goal of this partnership was to build awareness on cyber security in a relevant forum during Cyber Security Awareness Month. Discussions focused on information security, ransomware and impending threats.

Seminar iconSeminars

How to (effectively) prevent ransomware infections (PDF)

This seminar focuses on ransomware, its different attack mechanisms and the most effective ways to prevent it from spreading.

Responses both proactive and reactive to the threat (PDF)

The panelists discuss how to stay abreast of and be prepared for cyber threats and the trends associated with a breach to you, your business and your networks in a modern cyber-security environment.

The cyber crime wave: The most profitable crime model (PDF)

This presentation addresses the most common cyber crimes, how they are executed with examples of the most notable/profitable cyber crimes in recent history.

Webinar iconWebinars

2016 cyber security legislation & breach response

In part two of our cyber security webinar series, our speakers will address current day concerns that impact government entities as it relates to cyber security, data breaches and cyber protection.

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City of Atlanta: A bold vision for cyber security

In part one of our two-part series, our keynote presenter Taiye Lambo, security officer for the city of Atlanta, will share his vision for one of America's largest and growing cities to become a center of excellence in cyber security.

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Security lock iconProtecting your privacy

2016 Network security and data privacy study